Track overheads

Designed for ease of use


Track Project Overheads

Flexible data entry

Scan track factory equipment time and costs, hire equipment costs and other project overheads with a simple scan on / scan off workflow. Times and associated costs are logged automatically to your reporting and export system. Flexible scanning workflows allow you to track overhead costs automatically as a component of a team member's workflow or as a completely separate workflow and costing/timesheet for reporting and export.

Efficient Time Control

Timescan will accurately record start and stop times on project resources and team member timesheets to minimise or eliminate keyboard data entry. Project managers can be nominated to delegate timesheet management, reporting and export duties.

Overhead control
Project resources
Factory machine costs
Hire equipment
Labour rates
Powerful reporting and timesheet exporting

Customisable Exporting

Data can be exported from Timescan (to CSV file) using our fully customisable export engine. Project managers can be nominated to delegate export duties.

Simple setup

It takes just a few minutes to setup your projects and resources, create barcodes for projects, employees and resources and scan scanning. No scanner setup is required and Timescan will work with all 1D scanners.

Simple workflow configuration