Mobile Timesheets

Create your timesheets on the go

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Download our new companion app! Scan timesheets using your mobile phone camera. New timeclock feature with GPS location to track staff clock-on / clock-off time and locations!


Timescan Companion App

Mobile Employee Timeclock

Turn your phone into a mobile timeclock including GPS tracking. You can setup your system to record employee start and finish times and GPS location. Export payroll hours to your payroll system. Record labour rates and overtime and easily report on who is currently logged on for the day.

Mobile Timesheets

Mobile Timesheets

Available on both iPhone and Android, the Timescan companion app will allow you to quickly logon and start tracking times and resource costs for team members and machinery.

Start tracking with a simple scan-on / tap-off interface. Produce detailed charts of employee attendance with the click of a mouse, from a tablet, smart phone or desktop PC

Mobile Timeclock with GPS

Use the Timescan app to start tracking employee start and end times along with GPS data for recording employee location. Simple and effective management of employee timesheets, including backend control panel for supervisors to manage and report on timesheets.

Mobile timeclock with GPS